Welcome to District of Lwówek Śląski
Everyone who comes do District of Lwówek Śląski, situated both In south-west part of Low Silesia and in the West Sudetes even for a short time feels enchanted by its unique character which includes, among other a differentiated landscape, uncommon natural values, tourist attractions and its rich history surrounded by unique European class relics.

The Communities create the treasure of the Province as they offer a lot of attractions and possibilities of both practicing sport and relaxations. Walking, biking and water tourist trails, thanks to which getting to know the uncommon atmosphere of the area becomes easy and available, add up to whole. The time spent here creates a challenge or an inspiration for various shows organized by particular communities.

Whoever comes to the picturesque District of Lwówek Śląski is welcomed friendliness and goodwill of the inhabitants and with an abundant output of lots of generations and he will come back here enchanted be the beauty and hospitality of the region.